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The Top 25 Best Comparative Essay Topics To Choose From

When you are going to write a comparative essay, you need to go for such an essay topic that has two subjects that lie on the same field and have ample differences to compare about. It is important that you have a great deal of knowledge in both the areas on which you will be comparing, since you need to talk in details about their background, similarities, differences, positives, and negatives.

However, it is not that difficult to find essay topics in this genre. Let’s look at 25 such ideas that can help you:

  • Typing and handwriting – This forms an interesting topic on whether the pen is mightier or the keyboard.
  • Domestic and wildlife – This will test whether you like the freedom of wildness, or you prefer the comfort and bonding of domesticity.
  • Cycle and Car – It might seem obvious to someone to take sides to the car; however, if you are a fitness freak you might choose otherwise.
  • Classwork and homework – We know that both have their own importance. But which will you be preferring, full attentive classes and relaxing back at home or carrying some burden from class to back at home?
  • Give and take – The policy says that both go hand in hand. However, do you prefer to give something to the needy or are you the Robin Hood type?
  • Hill stations and sea beaches – Where do you want your vacations to be spent and where do you find the peace and purity you crave for?
  • Laptop and desktop – One is portable while the other is not. However one is hardy while the other is delicate.
  • Sunny and rainy – Want to get wet or want to feel the heat? Take your side.
  • Evolution and revolution – One is deliberately planned while the other might be of a more natural kind.
  • Necessity and comfort – While necessity satisfies your basic needs, comfort gives you that extra bit of satisfaction.
  • Facebook and newspaper – What do you want to start your morning with?
  • Television and radio – This one has come across ages and until this time also there are a lot of people on both sides.
  • Friendship and love – Another one of those highly debatable topics on which everybody does have a say.
  • Giving birth or taking adoption – A tough and much more serious call.
  • Black and White – This one require a lot of thinking to be done.
  • Sin theta and Cos theta
  • Democracy and Republican
  • On field games and off the field games
  • Cash and Cards
  • EBooks and textbooks
  • Stock and Bond
  • Petrol and Diesel
  • Comedy and Tragedy
  • Owning and Renting
  • Cricket and Baseball

Thus, you will find no dearth of topics in this format. You should choose the one about which you are most comfortable and have adequate knowledge.

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