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A List Of 18 Cause And Effect Essay Topics Related To Air Pollution

A cause and effect essay tests your ability to link two occurrences. It involves building connections between two events, with one being the cause and the other the effect. Even with the title, it must capture two aspects where one leads to the other.

With environmental concerns being top on the agenda of countries and communities, you have a rich topic to discuss. Though some areas are controversial, you have a chance to get your voice heard. Here are some of the topics you can select on causes and effects of air pollution for your essay.

  1. Air pollution levies should be charged and go into treating respiratory diseases
  2. Air pollution is responsible for most health complications on people living in industrial cities
  3. Governments turn a blind eye to air pollution causing more health complications
  4. Air pollution causes more deaths than any diseases in the world
  5. The emergence of new respiratory diseases is as a result of increased air pollution – a case study of Beijing
  6. Falling crude oil prices will affect efforts to fight pollution leaving more families exposed to health hazards
  7. Children are the most vulnerable to environmental pollution
  8. The spike in respiratory diseases in Asia can be attributed to increase in air pollution
  9. Tail pipes cause up to 70% of air pollution in China
  10. Diesel trucks are causing more premature deaths in South California than any other issue
  11. Vehicles cause pollution because they are considered a luxury other than a necessity
  12. Air pollution is more dangerous than nuclear power
  13. Air pollution is responsible for the increase in cases of heart attacks
  14. Traffic jams expose drivers and passengers to high concentration of pollution than industries
  15. Asthma has taken over as the leading cause of school absenteeism
  16. Indoor spaces are several times more polluted than outdoor ones
  17. Living near high traffic areas increases your risks of bronchitis, cancer, heart diseases and asthma
  18. The health complications of air pollution makes it more expensive than the taxes levied on affected economic activities

When writing an essay on cause and effect, you will be required to clearly connect the two issues under discussion. Research and identify authoritative data and facts that support your assertion. Ensure that the connection between the cause and effect is strong enough, local and supported.

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