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What To Know About The Integrated Response Essay: A Brief Guide

We feel privileged and almost within our rights to respond to any question or situation we face. Yet, often, our responses do not merit attention and often they are quite frivolous. This is where an integrated response differs. It takes in a merging of perspectives and fresh thinking.

  • A pertinent answer
  • An integrated response essay is an answer to a pertinent question aimed at our or any entity’s existence. It may be a trait of ours; (say, shyness, argumentative nature et al). It may be a book or a movie; even a poem.

    The integrated response cannot be pieced without thinking and on a whim. You have to pick significant strains from the available resources and credible ones at that. You have to gather the perspectives of luminaries in related vocation.

  • Painstaking research
  • You should do painstaking research resolving and proving why something ought to hold its position and is relevant. Your logics have to hit the bullet at the right spaces. You cannot go haywire with ideas.

    You need to patiently graft these points along with the other points of eminence you have amassed. You will then have to place them methodically so they lend strength to each other. In this way, they will form a chain and wear an outlook of integrated discipline; an intrinsic enterprise.

  • Analyze deeply
  • You have to understand and make an in-depth analysis of the original work or problem. You have to then assess the worth of the topic or the question. You should give the devil its due but not without pontificating.

    You should also integrate certain examples that illuminate your point of view. Examples have a ready way of strengthening your logics; more than actual facts can do. They also make the readers warmer.

  • According weight
  • Of course, you will have to give precedent weight to the topic in the Introduction and suggest that you are going to attempt an answer to it in the subsequent paragraphs. What follows is your homework; you preparation for the test. Needless to say, you cannot afford failing it.

    Write the essay in an objective tone; as if it is the same with everyone else. Shirk off from personal endeavors; it may distance readers in this case. Also make it a point to fight tooth and nail with strong logics; not half-baked ones.

    Make sure that your response is not an acquired reflex but a thoughtful answer. There lies the catch.

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