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Creating A Comparative Essay On Fahrenheit 451 And 1984

Ray Bradbury and George Orwell are the two different writers, but have written two similar novels, i.e. Fahrenhiet 451 and 1984, respectively. Both of these novels share various characteristics. Both has themes, characters and plot, but both the novel shows certain similar features with the help of which one can write a comparative essay on it.

These two novels can be contrasted and compared very easily. Just you have to study both of them to make sure of your presenting points. The most important similarities are the characters, themes and the conflict. Both the novels have a protagonist, i.e. Guy Montag in Fahrenhiet 451 and Winston Smith in 1984.

Points you should look after while writing an essay on this topic :

  • The characters of these novels, i.e. Guy Montag and Winston Smith are the best selection for the battle of the oppressed restrictions of the dystopian society. Thus, while writing your essay, after giving the introduction, you can compare about the characters of both the novels. You can point out the similarities as well as the dissimilarities of the character to make your argument more impressive.

  • After comparing the characters, explain the themes of both the novels. In this section, you can focus on the plot structure, the theme, the symbols the main motif, etc. explain the different symbols used in the novels. Big brother, the glass paperweight, St. Clement’s church, the telescreens, etc from the novel 1984 can put forward the main idea of the novel. On the other hand, in Fahrenhiet 451, symbols like blood, the sieve and the sand, the hearth and the salamander, the phoenix, the mirrors can describe the nature of the novel better. Through all these, try to explain the theme of both the novels clearly.

  • The description of the conflict presented in both the novel can be presented in a comparative manner. Both the novels show the inner conflicts. In the novel Fahrenhiet 451, the factors about which Bradbury has written that is, the over use of the fast cars, loud music and the envy towards the books will bring the loss of concentration in the minds of the human being. Again in the novel 1984, the author has written with a purpose to warn the common people about the totalitarian government. So you can easily use these points to write over the conflicts present in these novels.

  • Lastly, give an introduction in the beginning and conclusion at the end of your work marking the all over points you have presented in your essay.

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