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Simple Instructions For Composing An Interesting Narrative Essay

To compose a regular narrative essay is easy, but if you want to make it interesting for your classmates you have to be ready to do some work. There are not many people who can tell a story without making others fall asleep, and for sure there are even less teenagers who can do this. Besides, if in other types of compositions you should not focus on details, in this kind there is nothing wrong to introduce them. It’s risky because some students don’t know where to stop, and they end up forgetting important ideas. Here are some simple instructions that can help you compose a great essay:

  • Find an engaging topic. This is the first thing you have to do to make sure that others will be interested in your essay. You have to make them curious about what will happen next, about some facts or characters. Since you are supposed to narrate a story, try to stay away from those silly memories. We all did stupid things when we were little, but we are not sharing them in a school composition.

  • Make sure that you express something. In the end, this is the final purpose of the essay, not to let your classmates get to know you better. The story that you tell needs to have a moral, preferably a controversial one that will challenge your classmates to discuss. If the story that you say has no meaning and no action, they will not want to listen to you.

  • Don’t be afraid to reveal personal details. Of course, you will not say anything that could be embarrassing for you or your family, but you can say something fun. If your colleagues will hear something related to you they will be curious to know more; in the end, you are one of their friends. Keep a limit to this; anything that is not about you should be kept private, unless that other person involved gave you the clear permission to tell the story.

  • Say how you feel. As you tell the story, you can tell your classmates how did you feel in that specific moment. This will make the entire conversation more personal and it will seem like a friendly discussion. Even more, when someone is honest with us we are tempted to give that person more attention.

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