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Choosing Good Compare And Contrast Essay Topics On Childhood And Adulthood

An interesting type of paper that you may be asked to write is a compare and contrast essay. It is where you will take two different things like childhood and adulthood and find the similarities and differences. You will work to see what things are the same between the two things and what things are different. There are a few ways that you can handle this type of essay. You can look at the similarities or look at the differences or you can look at both the similarities and the differences.

When you are asked to write a compare and contrast essay, you can choose to write it either way but it is really important to make sure that you keep it organized. It is so important to let your reader know whether you are talking about the attributes of childhood or the attributes of adulthood. It will need to be very clear which one you are talking about.

Here are some ways to choose topics for your essay:

  • Think about things that adulthood and childhood would have in common. For example, you can talk about how they would handle stress. Compare and contrast ways that adults and children deal with stress.

  • Think about what is different between adults and kids. For example, write about how the responsibilities are different. You can discuss how in childhood there are some responsibilities like washing, eating, and possibly cleaning. You can also talk about how there are more responsibilities involved in being an adult as opposed to when you are a child.

  • Make a chart and just list everything there is to do with both topics. Then you can start to write a generalized paper discussing the similarities and differences between the two topics. It is a great way to get started and a great way to find a focus for your paper.

When you are writing a compare and contrast paper, you can choose to write in more general terms comparing all aspects of adulthood and childhood. You can also pick one thing and write a paper on that. It may be easier to choose a direct topic to write your paper on. It will be easier to create a thesis statement and keep the paper focused when it is more specific because you are not worrying about all aspects of the two topics.

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