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How To Enhance Essay Writing Skills: An Effective Manual 

Writing an essay is a useful intellectual assignment. You should do research on a certain complex issue, come up with thoughtful arguments supporting your thesis statement, and represent them in an effective and interesting way. You may get high marks for your papers, but, sooner or later, you find yourself stuck at the same level. Writing turns into degrading repetition of one and the same pattern. However, it is very important that each next work of yours be a little bit better than the last one. The following guidelines will help you enhance your essay writing skills and craft constantly great academic papers.

  • Read other works.
  • Read essays of other students and professional writers on different topics and in different disciplines. All of them will be created in different writing styles, and this is your chance to borrow interesting strategies, patterns, and techniques and, consequently, improve your own writing style. Read the newspaper articles and pay attention to how writers prove their points with relevant arguments. Whatever piece of writing you read, remember to be critical. Do you like what you read? Is the author convincing? Is the story balanced?

  • Enrich your vocabulary.
  • To write strong papers, you should always work on your vocabulary. A good vocabulary will help you communicate your point of view effectively and persuasively. By using the right words, you will manage to write clearly and concisely. Consequently, your reader will easily understand what you mean. Your vocabulary will improve if you:

    • Learn the meanings of new words in a dictionary;
    • Refer to a thesaurus and use the synonyms that accurately express your ideas;
    • Write down new words and their definitions in a vocabulary book.

    Do not use complex and obscure words just to sound more intelligent. The simpler your vocabulary is, the better it is.

  • Avoid repetition.
  • Eliminate repetitive words of phrases from your paper or replace them with the words having the same meaning. For example, instead of repeating “also” all the time, replace it with “consequently”, “moreover”, “however”, etc. This strategy will make your work stronger.

  • Acknowledge other opinions.
  • Seek for all possible opinions on your topic and quote them in your text. This trick will demonstrate that you did deep research on the subject. Don’t quote too much though and leave some space for your personal thoughts and ideas. If you don’t agree with a particular opinion, mention it.

If you apply these techniques, analyze previous mistakes, and add some creativity and curiosity to your work, your essay writing style will definitely improve.

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