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Writing A Top-Quality Five Paragraph Essay: Helpful Advice

Most of the academic classes require writing a five-paragraph essay. Therefore, you must learn how to write a top-quality essay of five paragraphs to get good marks.

This type of five-paragraph paper includes five paragraphs, as the term implies. The first one is introduction, followed by three paragraphs in the main body and the last one is conclusion.

Here’s helpful advice from the experienced ones.

  • Write a good opening sentence
  • There is no second chance for the first impression, so this is your chance to grab reader’s attention and continue reading. Take as much time as you need and write a capturing opening sentence of the introductory paragraph.

  • Shout your thesis statement from the rooftops
  • The last sentence of the first, introductory paragraph is the thesis statement. Write it clearly and embrace the content of the whole essay in the thesis statement. Bear in mind that less words is better than more, which means clarity is the most important. You should write the five-paragraph term thesis to be proud of, like you are going to shout it from the rooftops.

  • Keep the flow
  • Don’t forget that paragraphs should be related one to another. Connection words and phrases help in keeping the flow of the whole essay. They help in keeping the reader interested in reading the writing till the end. Sentences and paragraphs should be separate ideas, but they should naturally flow from one to another. The same goes with the paragraphs.

  • Main point at the beginning of each body paragraph
  • In order to keep reader’s attention, start each paragraph with a main point. Do not use minor points at the beginning of a paragraph, but support the main point with the minor ones. This gives consistency on your writing.

  • Re-enforce main point in conclusion
  • In order to make readers believe in what you said in your writing, you have to show some authority in the conclusion and let him know that you truly mean the above said. Don’t use “I think…” or “I feel…”. It shows uncertainty in what you say. Carefully sum up everything you said and impress the reader with a good conclusion where all your main points are listed.

No matter what is your essay for, you should always stay focused. However, you should make a brief outline of what you want to say with the essay and follow that outline. This will help you to stay focused and readers to remain interested in reading the paper.

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