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The 15 Best Criminal Justice Compare And Contrast Essay Topics

Writing on criminal justice is quite interesting. You will have to do a lot of research but the possibilities are endless. This is one topic on which you can get a lot of information quite easily. Now when you are going to come up with a compare and contrast essay, you will have to select two subjects that are similar yet different in some fundamental way. Selecting a subject for your essay can be challenging. You will have to read up the various journals and case files to get a good point. Here are a few examples you can work with.

The right subject can make your paper very interesting to read. It will also get you good grades so select the topic wisely and after much research. Do not pick subjects already covered a lot of times.

Topics for your essay on criminal justice:

  1. The difference between juvenile criminal justice and adult criminal justice. How are they different?
  2. The differences between criminal justice and civil justice.
  3. The laws against gang war fare compared to that of terrorism. Why are they any different? What similarities do they have?
  4. Compare and contrast the laws made for human trafficking with the ones for illegal emigration.
  5. Laws meant to curb piracy are being used with copyright infringement. Compare the changes in the recent time with that of the discarded laws.
  6. Compare and contrast the role played by the police when dealing with notorious criminals and those charged with domestic violence.
  7. Go for comparison and contrasting of two different ruling related with domestic violence.
  8. Go for comparison and contrasting of gun laws with the fundamental right to carry a weapon. Is it okay to shoot a trespasser?
  9. Criminal laws meant for online crimes are not stringent enough. Compare them with the ones meant for street crimes.
  10. Go for comparison and contrasting of the different laws meant for hardened criminals and the ones who turn turncoat.
  11. Go for comparison and contrasting of the death penalty with lifetime imprisonment. Which will make the criminal suffer more?
  12. Go for comparison and contrasting of the criminal justice system of the democratic yet monarchic United Kingdom with that of the North Korean dictatorship.
  13. How does the law distinguish between misdemeanor and felony?
  14. Discuss and contrast the differences in criminal laws prevalent today with the ones made two decades ago.
  15. Go for comparison and contrasting of the different definitions of crime accepted by the judiciary of United States and that of the People’s Republic of China.

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