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15 Essay Topics On Corruption And Its Negative Effects On The US Economy

Writing a strong essay on corruption and its negative effects on the US economy requires a lot of in-depth academic research and dedicated writing. But before you get to these steps you need to first choose a great topic. Here are 15 essay topics for your consideration:

  1. What are the tax burdens faced by citizens in cases where the government has had to bail out large companies because of fraudulent or mishandling of finances?
  2. It’s long been assumed that several private companies profited from the U.S., involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan in the last decade. Economically speaking who has profited and who has suffered the most because of these conflicts?
  3. The contaminated water crisis in Flint, Michigan has led to a congressional hearing. Who will be responsible for the incurred costs of the hearing and the clean-up of water supply?
  4. How has corruption that occurs overseas affected the US economy in terms of the amount of aid and resources that have been exported away?
  5. How have corrupted systems affected the US methods of procuring goods in services in the last 50 years? How has the economy suffered as a result of these corrupted systems?
  6. How do large corporations utilize tax loopholes to prevent smaller businesses from succeeding and biting into their profits? How does the U.S. work to encourage small business success?
  7. Is it good for the World Bank to have so many ties with the U.S. in that the country seems to benefit the most by simply lending billions in foreign aid to countries who will never be able to pay?
  8. How do large corporations leverage insider trading to maximize profits to a handful of investors at the cost of the middle-class wide portfolio investor?
  9. How have bank regulations which allow them to fine people for overdraft charges put people in negative positions by forcing them to pay for using money they don’t have?
  10. How can the U.S. learn by corruption in other countries and the long term negative effects which have left their citizens in a tenuous state?
  11. How has corruption affected specific rural communities in the U.S. Midwest? Why have rural areas suffered the most negatively?
  12. Poor urban communities have seen tremendous economic despair for decades, yet there is enough corruption by corporations to keep business from blossoming in these areas. Why is this the case?
  13. How does noble cause corruption affect the U.S. economy? Does the perceived long-term good outweigh the immediate negative effects?
  14. How has corruption in law enforcement in high density populations throughout the U.S. affected economic growth in those areas forcing higher crime rates?
  15. How does corruption in sports gambling affect the U.S. economy? Is this a major factor for local governments to keep gambling away from their states?

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