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A List Of The Best Essay Topics In Greek Mythology

If you take World Literature, Classical Mythology, or World History, you may study the group known as Greek Gods. Zeus, the leader, and his crew are a violent and energetic group. The group is also a part of a very dysfunctional family. If you are taking one of those classes, you may be assigned to write an essay on the subject. You want to be creative. No more papers on Cupid’s arrow and his crazy mother Aphrodite. You want your paper to be different. Consider one of our many selections from our list of best essay topic in Greek Mythology.

Title Ideas

  • Compare one of the deities to a modern day US President or leader. This is a fun paper to write and a funny paper to read. Think of how Hades and Carter compare of how Hoover and Achilles are alike and different.
  • Look at the Fates and explore all the times you see them in other literature outside of this particular category/genre. Some very famous movies include the Fates.

  • Pretend you are a family therapist and write up an interview between you and Hera, who just happens to be married to her brother Zeus.

  • Discuss Hephaestus and his ugly brother syndrome. Make sure to explain how Zeus played a large part in his inferiority complex.

  • The 12 Olympians and nature as it happens. Think of all the times that things happen in nature due to an Olympian. Write about such events, such as when Zeus throws his lightning bolt. See if you can figure out which one plays with nature the most.

  • Love triangles and squares-the explore one of the many odd love conflicts that take place in this olden tales.

  • The Creatures-take a look at one of the crazy creatures in the tales, and discuss how this animal came into being.

  • The hero-find some heroes in the stories and tell what makes them heroes. Make sure that you fully understand the definition of a hero and what qualities the person must have to be considered one.

  • Love-some strange things happen to those in love in these Ancient stories. You can explore the jealous Hera, the virgin Artemis, and the many loves of Zeus. If you want, do a compare and a contrast of two of those characters who are in love. This topic will be fun.

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