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Nine Interesting Ideas For A Reflective Essay About Teamwork

What exactly is a reflective essay? If you have been set this assignment, you will need to know!

Well, quite simply: with this kind of essay you will need to examine an experience from your own life and explore how you changed or developed as a result.

Here are nine ideas to help you get started:

  1. First thing’s first: you should make a list of moments in your life where teamwork resulted in a personal change. Some people might have lots of experiences to choose from whilst others may only have a few, but it should be easy for most people to choose one defining experience to explore. You should pick the experience that changed you the most.

  2. Here are some ideas of what types of experiences you could choose: a sports match, a problem solving task you did in class, helping your granny move into a retirement home, a competition, a choir audition, an experience from summer camp.

  3. If you need more suggestions for topics, have a look online to see what other students chose as their subjects.

  4. When writing your reflective essay, be sure to use plenty of descriptions. You should make your writing as vibrant and vivid as possible to connect with the reader.

  5. Stick to the key facts. Make a list of the most important parts of the experience you wish to highlight, and which ones best demonstrate how you developed from those points.

  6. Remember to specify how you changed as a result of each key point you raise. Clearly give supporting information in each case.

  7. When it comes to writing your conclusion, you’ll need to summarize the points you’ve raised and conclude how you’ve developed from the experience generally and specifically. You may wish to state how you hope to change in the future as a result of it as well.

  8. Remember to focus on the subject at hand. Let’s say you have chosen to explore the subject of winning a baseball match. Don’t be tempted to go off on random tangents that aren’t pertinent to the topic of teamwork.

  9. The more time you spend on your reflective essay, the better it will be. Once you’ve written your first and second drafts, why not go for a third and a fourth? If you re-read and re-edit it as much as possible, paying attention to every detail along the way, you’re bound to be on to a winner.

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