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How To Create A Good Outline For An Essay On Global Warming

When writing any paper, it is vital that you create an outline first to organize your ideas. This will help you make sure that you get your point across. It is the best way to make sure that you stay on track and only write about what relates to your main point. Here are some tips on creating an outline in regards to a global warming essay.

  1. Get an example
  2. An example outline will help you set your paper up and show you how you will make it look. You will see that there are many options but that most outlines look like this:

    1. Introduction
    2. Background information


    3. Body Paragraph One
    4. Reason One


    5. Body Paragraph Two
    6. Reason One


    7. Body Paragraph Three
    8. Reason One


    9. Conclusion

  3. Set up your paper
  4. Follow your example to set up your paper the same way. You will use all of the same numbers, letters and symbols. Make sure to capitalize the letters the same way. Smaller points that you may want to include that explain the larger points will use lowercase letters.

  5. Jot down your key points
  6. You should jot down all of your key points on a sheet of paper first and then decide where to put them in your outline later. That way you won’t forget anything and you can at least have all of your information in the same place.

  7. Use complete sentences
  8. If you complete your outline using complete sentences. You will find it a lot easier to complete your rough draft later on because many of your sentences are already complete. You would just have to fill in the blanks then.

  9. Add transitions
  10. It is a great idea to add your transitional phrases right in your outline mainly because then you are linking the main ideas and not a sub topic of the main ideas. It is another great way to lessen the amount of work that you will have to do when it comes to writing the draft as well. You will find that it creates a complete piece that flows nicely and that makes it easier to read.

It is so important to use an outline to organize your thoughts into a logical piece and now you know how to do it effectively.

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