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7 Points To Discuss In An Essay About Elementary Education

Elementary education is considered to be the most important step for any young child at the beginning of their school career. Many people are of the opinion that it can affect a student’s performance throughout their schooling, making many parents spend the extra money to put their child through the best elementary education they can afford

This period of education occurs at a very pivotal point in a child’s life and can have a great impact on their opinion of education as a whole. Many studies have been conducted and adjustments to the systems are made regularly in attempts to achieve the best results. The following is a list of ideas to discuss in an essay about elementary education for you to consider:

  1. Transition from toddler to academics
  2. At what point in a person’s life do they become a full fledged adult and leave the baby stage completely? Unlike most other creatures, there is no clear point in a human;s life where they become a different form of themselves. How does the education system deal with this?

  3. The right type of teacher for the job
  4. What makes a teacher right for the job and how accurate are we in assessing this? Teachers can make all the difference in a child’s academic performance and we should place just as much focus on teachers involved in early education as we do for university professors.

  5. The significance of the educational content
  6. Most of the materials children are exposed to have absolutely nothing to do with most careers they will be involved in later on in life, unless they decide to do teaching.

  7. What areas to focus on
  8. Focus should be shifted from simple reading, essay writing and maths, to the development of practical skills. This way students are more prepared for the real world, regardless of well well they do at school.

  9. Social development
  10. Has the education system done the right thing by being completely ignorant of social development in children, especially those that fail at academics?

  11. Safety and control
  12. Students have brought many deadly weapons to schools and even used them on several, tragic occasions. How has the education system addressed this issue?

  13. Parental involvement
  14. Many parents send their children to school and forget about them until they get home, never paying attention to anything going on during classes. How can this lack of interest be addressed?

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