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Writing An Effective 8th Grade Argumentative Essay Outline

Argumentative essays are some of the most popular forms of academic paper that students will be asked to write. In fact, so popular are they that they are often to by different names as well. For example, as well as be known as an argumentative paper, you may also refer to it is a persuasive paper.

Due to its popularity, most students will have to write this form of paper at least once during their education, if not several times. In fact, most students who are learning essay writing skills will often have to write this form of academic paper early on, as it is a great way of developing your abilities when it comes to writing assignments.

One particular section that you may be required to write for this kind of academic paper is the outline. It is worth noting that you will not always be required to write an outline for any work that you produce; however, if you have been asked to write this particular section then you will most likely be wondering what you need to do. Essentially, the outline will indicate any particular details of the work that you will produce, and will often be written before you actually compose the rest of the work.

What to include

As part of your outline, you should include a variety of different details. For example, you should include any information related to the subject that you are discussing. Of course, you don’t need to go into too much detail; however, you need to at least inform the reader of what the topic is, as well as potentially giving a brief background, so as to ensure that they understand what you’re talking about.

As well as giving any brief details about the topic itself, it is also a good idea to indicate what your argument will be about. Therefore, you should state any issues that you will be discussing, as well as indicating what point of view you will be taking.

In many ways, your outline is similar to your introduction; however, it will not necessarily be written in the same academic style as an introduction would be. One way of looking at the outline is that it is a bit like a plan for the work that you will produce, and should summarise the mains points and purpose of your paper.

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