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Inventing Great Persuasive Essay Topics: Things To Know

A persuasive essay is basically an essay which one writes with the aim of convincing the reader about a certain aspect of a given situation or idea. This form of writing should basically try to reason with the reader and not attack his/her point of view. This basically means that for your writing to be fully effective, you have to write something which you have full knowledge about. Ensure that all your points stated are the strongest points available, since your reader can easily discredit your writing if he/she thinks that they are not very persuasive; It may reflect an aspect of insufficient research.

As a writer, you have the freedom to write whichever topic interest you except when doing an assignment where the topic has already been given. The best topics are usually topics which are related to the current society and some of the main factors happening. There are a variety of topics from which you may choose from. The following are some of them and their subtopics.


  1. Is technology making us to be more alone
  2. How many text messages can be considered as too many
  3. Is the current society filming too much
  4. Is it appropriate for teens to spend quality time playing games on their smart phone?
  5. Do you think technology is a destruction


  1. Should students use digital versions of books rather than paper books
  2. Which characters do you suggest authors should be writing about
  3. To which writer would you consider giving an award
  4. Which is more effective: reading a book or listening to one
  5. In your favorite children books do you prefer obedience or contrary


  1. Do you consider graffiti as an art
  2. Does the society need art in their lives
  3. Should artistic and other pursuing creative works be supported
  4. Do you think pop culture deserves serious study
  5. Where you consider the line between fiction and truth

Gender and Relationships

  1. What is the reason behind gender variation in leadership positions
  2. Do you feel bad about your own looks because of Photoshop
  3. Do you think girls are being put under much pressure to have perfect bodies
  4. Can you advocate for equal rights for men and women
  5. What are some of the things we should do to fight violence against women

The above list presents some of the ideas/topics which can be perused when writing persuasive essay. Sufficient knowledge is a must when a certain topic is selected. There are a variety of topics from which you may choose your topics, write from a topic which you are free with.

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