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Practical Advice On How To Write A Persuasive Essay For High School

This paper will contain practical advice on writing a persuasive essay at the high school level. Writing any style of paper must have certain steps that should be followed to create a well-disciplined piece of work. Student’s that are considering college should understand that writing papers are a huge part of most classes, and carry big weight on the final grade. Learning how to write a paper correctly will make it easier for your future.

  • Plan the appropriate amount of time
  • The first thing that should be considered is the amount of time the writer has to complete paper. Take the time to schedule specific times to write the essay and make sure you stick to them. A high school student definitely has a lot of after school things that take up a lot of time. This is an issue that must be addressed from the beginning. Think about all upcoming events to the due date of your work. Fill in all those things on a calendar; make sure it is big enough to hold information. This will give you a better assessment on when to set up your study times. Do your best to stick to those times.

  • Decide on your topic
  • The next thing is coming up with a subject or thesis. The topic should be on something that you enjoy, or have a lot of knowledge on.

  • Research adequately and create your rough draft
  • Research the topic until you feel you have more than enough information on. Go through and eliminate any facts or statements you feel are boring or drag on. Keep the sentences short, clear, and creative. Remember, a long, boring paper will lose the attention of the reader. The more interesting the information is, the better the chance of keeping the teacher reading. There must be strong enough information to persuade the reader to take your side. Practice your arguments in a mirror, or with some of your friends. A live audience will be able to ask questions which will give you a better idea of how comfortable you are on defending your topic. Be confident with the information in your paper and in your ability to defend your opinion.

  • Write your conclusion
  • Write a conclusion that summarizes the body of your work in a short manner. Don’t just rewrite what you have written. Say the same thing in different way. The more time and effort put in the paper will show up in your work.

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