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The Fifteen Best Descriptive Essay Topics About The Great Wall Of China

Well if you want to write a descriptive essay you will have to research a little bit about the Great Wall of China before you start. The point of a descriptive essay is to describe a certain place to the reader’s appealing constantly to their five senses. This is pretty much story telling so it’s not such a hard job, but you will have to do a lot of research in order to be able to explain everything so vividly and to be able to make the reader’s actually see what you are describing. If you are talking about the Great Wall of China, there are multiple things you should take into consideration.

  1. The way it was build. It has a particularly interesting way of construction, since it’s not done by only one piece, it’s divided into multiple sections.
  2. The time lapse. It was build in more than one dynasty.
  3. The highest point of the wall and the lowest.
  4. The number of workers who have lost their lives building this.
  5. The main porpoise of the Great Wall of China was to defend the country from attacks coming from the North.
  6. The materials used in the construction throughout the years.
  7. The way it was destroyed in some parts to make way for other constructions.
  8. The rumor that the Great Wall of China can be seen from outer space.
  9. The reason it was almost demolished at some point.
  10. The way it’s degrading because of nature and humans will make this great historical piece to disappear completely in 20-30 years If it’s not going to be restored.
  11. The number of visitors it has every year is outstanding, and it’s increasing.
  12. The most famous part of the Great Wall was visited by a big number of famous people throughout the years.
  13. The beginning of the Great Wall was started by the great Feudal Lords.
  14. The longest fortification ever build by mankind.
  15. The terrain that surrounds the Great Wall of China is pretty hard to travers, and the place it was build on was not chosen by accident. The Great Wall of China has had such a huge success because of this fact, because the terrain is hard to move on and it’s taking advantage of the natural resources over there.

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