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Composing An Interesting Thesis For A Reflective Essay

When writing a reflective essay, many students start by focusing on the body of the paper. Before doing this, the student should figure out a god thesis statement. The thesis statement is the main thing that the paper will be graded on. It needs to make an argument while also summing up the entire topic. Without a good thesis, students will end up getting a lower grade in their classes. Follow the tips from this thesis writing service to improve your skills.

  • Focus on the Scope
  • Students should first read through the writing prompt that they were given in class. A 30-page assignment will require a much larger scope than a 500 word essay. Students need to make sure that their topic matches the size of the essay. If the topic is too narrow, the student will have problems finding the research and ideas necessary to fill the page requirement. Likewise, an overly broad thesis can become impossible to cover adequately in just a few words. If the thesis statement is too broad, students should narrow it down so that it can be addressed within the length of the essay.

  • Make an Argument
  • One of the main requirements of a thesis statement is that it needs to be debatable. If it is something that is already widely accepted, then the topic is not a good one. Students need to pick a topic and make an argument for or against it. They must also use research to back up their argument. Before settling on a specific topic, students should always check out their library to make sure that there will be enough research to cover it adequately.

  • Read Examples
  • No one is born with an innate ability for writing. Instead, this ability is nurtured and honed over time. One of the ways that students can improve their writing ability is by reading through examples. These samples can be found online or in the library. Once the student has found some examples, they can start to look through the writer's topic sentences and thesis statements. By doing this, the student can learn what they should do in their own writing. They may also discover new topic ideas and thesis statements that can be used in their reflective essay.

  • Make a Hook
  • One of the main goals of the introduction is to draw the reader into the story. This can be done with a “hook” like an anecdote, interesting question or unusual statistic. The student's goal is to get the reader excited about the topic from the introduction. Once the reader is hooked, they will want to read more of the student's writing to find out the rest of the information.

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