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Crafting An Opinion Essay About Following Fashion Blindly

Opinion essays are the type of assignments where the writer talks about a given subject in a way that reflects his personal ideas and thoughts. These papers tend to be biased because they show your personal values and perceptions about the given subject. However, as this is an opinion, the readers are free to agree to you or not. You do not have to persuade your audience that your ideas are ultimately the truth and the only right approach towards the subject. You can simply create a paper by listing your say and thoughts about the subject. If you are to talk about following fashion blindly, it depends upon you and your perception of fashion. Some people are very critical about fashion trends and icons while others take it lightly. So this will be majorly your own idea of fashion and its following. No one will judge you based on your ideas but they will judge you based on the representation of these ideas.

If you have never created an opinion essay before, it is best to look at some expert written samples and get help from those who have an experience in this field. The best solution is to look at the web for advice. You will find blogs and guides from expert authors who are master at writing essays. You can take notes and learn from their advice. If you think this is not enough, you can visit the library or buy a guidebook with samples for your paper. You can follow these samples and craft your own essay.

Here are few important tips that will help you in writing a good opinion essay

  1. Be creative
  2. Have a brainstorming session before you actually sit down and start writing your paper. You do not have to start writing right away, rather think of different ideas that you can include in your paper and make a list of them. Be creative and let your though process flow.

  3. Do not convince
  4. Never try to argue or persuade your audience because this is merely an opinion essay, which it should only reflect what you feel not why others should feel the same

  5. Have a proper structure
  6. Make sure there is a proper structure and format in your assignment

  7. Follow a logical order
  8. Move in a logical order for the readers to understand your work easily

  9. Have smooth transitions
  10. Make sure the transition between the paragraphs and sentences is smooth

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