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A List Of Great Topics For Your College Ethical Argument Essay

Ethics and morality are two closely linked subjects. At their core they deal with our understanding of what is right or wrong. That’s something that many people disagree strongly on with wildly divergent or even completely opposite views. This makes it a great subject for argumentative essay writing.

If you would like to put that type of paper together, you should consider these tips before you select your topic:

How objective can you be?

There will always be something that is so close to your heart that your biases will become apparent if you write about it. You may not even notice them as your biases anymore but that is what they are. Consider something that you think is wrong but cannot explain in a way that someone who does not share foundation beliefs with you can agree with. Such things might be better expressed by someone else.

How understanding is your audience?

Sometimes the biases to be aware of are those of the readers and not you. They may be the ones who cannot handle the truth and rely on their beliefs blindly. If you think your topic is liable to be judged harshly just because of its subject matter, try another one.

How much time is there left?

If there is very little time remaining, you may need to scale down your idea into one that can be fully fleshed out quickly. This is disappointing if you have huge plans in mind but it is often necessary.

With these tips in mind you can safely begin the brainstorming session. At the end of that you should have come up with a list of potential topics that might look something like the ones you see below:

  1. Should governments be able to refuse women access to legal abortions?
  2. Do schools with peanut allergic children have an obligation to ban the nuts on the compound?
  3. Is the consumption of meat akin to murder?
  4. Are religious beliefs more important than giving children accurate sex education?
  5. Should governments be able to prevent people from ending their lives?
  6. Has the war on drugs been more harmful than drugs themselves?
  7. Should consenting adults who are close blood relatives be allowed to marry each other?
  8. Should crimes against the ecosystem have harsher penalties?
  9. Is the social contract between a citizen and his/her country illusory?
  10. Should children be allowed greater legal responsibility for themselves?

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