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How To Create A Good Narrative Essay About Overcoming Fear

Narrative essays are the essays which you get assigned in different stages starting from your school. You already have written about your vivid experiences of your life. Isn’t it? But to write a narrative essay about overcoming fear should consist of your phobias and your experiences with the solution to overcome it.

It should contain a motivation towards your triumph over fear. Through this way, you can share your experiences with your readers and also can help them to motivate themselves, if they also possess the same phobia. They also can get the idea about how they can save themselves from getting haunted by the fear.

Follow the guidelines below to write it:

  • Always add your own story to illustrate the whole matter, so that your readers can feel the actual sense of it. A narrative write up contains mainly two things, i.e. the topic and the illustrations.

  • The plot of the story should be manageable. Make sure that you have enough information to write in the essay. Include an introduction, the main body and a conclusion.

  • Your story, and experiences should convince the readers. Don’t make it such an artificial one, that your readers get it hard to believe its existence.

  • Always try to choose a topic with vibrant story lines. This will help your readers to get attracted towards your writing.

  • Write each story line with the illustration, i.e. your experience about it. Your sharing of the incident will act as an evidence to the readers.

  • Try to put every detail of the story. Write about the particular images and the language of the write up should help the story to become alive to the readers.

  • Make an outline before you begin to write. It will help you to arrange your information, which you want to include, in order. Through this you can write it more easily with vivid details.

  • In the narrative writings, you have to use the first person technique, i.e. ‘I’, in general. This will connect you more with the readers more beautifully.

  • Try to give the description of the important characters. The characters which are present in your story, should be described properly. Your readers should not get confused about the characters. Put the particular details through which your readers can remember them throughout your writing.

  • After establishing your experience in front of the readers, write about the motivation you have taken to motivate yourself for getting control over your fear. So that your readers can also use your way of motivation to inspire themselves.

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