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The Best Way To Write A Strong Essay On Ethics

If you should craft an essay on ethics , don’t take it as a challenge but use it is another great chance to improve your research and writing skills. There are lots of hot ethical issues nowadays, and you can express your position on any of them in your paper. Take the following steps to cope with the task well and earn a high mark for your work:

Getting Ready to Write Your Essay

  • Choose a topic carefully.
  • Ethics is behind literally every controversial problem because the understanding of what is right and what is wrong differs significantly in different cultures and groups. Some of the commonest topics that can be covered in your paper on ethics are the death penalty, animal testing, sexual orientation, the role of women, abortion, etc. If you choose to explore the ethical side of any of these issues, you won’t go wrong. However, if you want to be more original, give preference to a more specific topic, like evaluating the ethical background of a particular law or policy.

  • Research the topic.
  • Refer to several credible sources in search of the arguments supporting your position. Check what opposing viewpoints exist. Your essay shouldn’t be one-sided but it should be well-reasoned.

  • Draft your thesis statement.
  • Depending on the type of paper you are going to produce, your thesis can be worded differently. In an expository piece, you’ll need to present different approaches to the moral side of the issue in an unbiased way. If it is an argumentative project, you should argue for one approach and refute all other positions. To create a clear and focused thesis, look through several well-written thesis statements in quality papers. For example, you can get online help here and use all available samples to your advantage.

Writing Your Essay

  • Introduce the topic properly.
  • Your introductory paragraph should give some background information on your ethics topic, explain why it’s important, and clearly state your thesis.

  • Present your arguments.
  • Your key arguments should be provided in separate body paragraphs. Remember to support each point with relevant examples, statistics, and facts. Cite the sources consistently.

  • Be prepared to object.
  • If you work on an argumentative paper, devote one body paragraph to objections. Your understanding of the issue may seem like the most reasonable at the moment. However, other opinions do exist, and whatever you think is ethical, may be perceived in quite a different way by other people. Don’t misinterpret the arguments of your opponents but look for some weak points there and explain why they cannot completely refute your viewpoint.

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