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Writing A Thesis Statement For A Comparative Essay On Junk Food And Healthy Food

If you are tasked with writing a comparative essay on junk food versus healthy food, you need to make sure that you have a thesis statement which presents the purpose of your paper in the best fashion. The thesis statement should indicate to you the hypothesis or the main clause within your final work. If you want to state that junk food is very unhealthy this would be integrated into your thesis. If instead the purpose of your paper is to say that junk food in and of itself is not necessarily unhealthy but the amount of junk food consumed is unhealthy, that needs to be integrated into your thesis.

  • When you are comparing healthy food to junk food you need to refine the direction your final piece is going to take and try to write it down in the span of one sentence. This is a fun exercise which helps you to really narrow down the hypothesis or the main purpose of your paper. By having this information in a single sentence you can turn that into your statement. If you sit down to complete this task but you find that it takes you multiple sentences to explain the purpose of your paper then you may need to sit down and better refine the focus or the direction you were planning on taking. It might just mean that you need a better end goal or a better purpose.

  • One thing you can do if you are struggling to really refine the overall structure of your paper into one sentence is to talk it over with a close friend or family member. Tried to explain to them what it is you want to cover and see if they can help you to narrow it down to one sentence or one key idea. Think about how you would tell somebody the content you are going to present in a quick conversation. If somebody asked you immediately what is this about you would need to respond with a single sentence in that single sentence would function as the first statement your readers see.

  • Another way to think of it is that your readers are going to ask what your paper is about first and foremost and this is your one shot to tell them to make sure that you simply think of this statement as the single purpose of your paper.

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