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What To Know About The Evaluation Essay Format: Clear Directions

Writing your academic assignments is a tough task for most of the students because they have to concentrate on their work as well as their routine tasks. They might struggle with certain type of tasks because some students like to write while others prefer learning. You would see that majority of academic essays that you write in your school or college follow a similar pattern. The structure of these papers stays the same so you do not have to worry about that. All assignments have an introduction followed by the body and finally a conclusion where you have to summarize everything you have written so far in the body of the paper.

An evaluation essay is the type of paper where you have to read a work carefully, analyze it and then pass your verdict about the strengths and weaknesses of the work. You have to make sure that you review each section carefully so that you can go ahead and write your review about it. When passing an opinion about the work or its parts, you have to make sure that you have enough evidence and supporting data for it. If you are struggling with formatting your evaluation essay, then you should consider the following directions

  • The introduction
  • Start your paper with a brief introduction of what you will present in the rest of your paper. This is important because you want to give a clue of the assignment to your audience. You should be clear and present your stance to the readers precisely. The introduction would start with an opening paragraph where you will engage your audience with a fact or a statement that will hook them for the rest of the paper. Once you succeed in hooking your audience, you should move forward with the thesis statement. This statement shows the overall extract of your work that what is your paper all about

  • Body paragraphs
  • Remember that each body paragraph in your assignment should be unique in content and ideas. You will discuss the main paper in one body paragraph, present the strengths in the other body paragraph and the last body paragraph then will be about the weaknesses of the work

  • Conclusion
  • The last section is the concluding part where you should summarize everything you have done so far in the work and show the larger significance of your work

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