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A Tried And Tested Method To Write An Effective Essay

Most students don’t consider writing an essay their favorite task. The process can be too difficult and requires strong analytical skills. However, you can divide it into separate tasks or blocks in order to make it easier to deal with. There are several steps on the path to writing an effective essay:

  1. Think of a topic.
  2. If you are allowed to choose the topic, you should write about something that attracts you and would be interesting for you to investigate. Moreover, whether your topic is already determined or you can pick it yourself, you should analyze it before writing anything. Think about what way you want to present your point of view. Determine your key approach regarding the subject and the aim of the essay.

  3. Organize your views.
  4. Effective writing requires considerable analysis. You should write down all your ideas and try to find connections between them. You can make a sketch or an outline in order to organize your basic points regarding the topic. It will help you think clearly and present effective arguments.

  5. Formulate a thesis.
  6. Take a look at your outline and try to write the main idea or the message of the essay. Your thesis should not just state the topic but include the point of your writing.

  7. Keep to the structure.
  8. Any essay includes an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. You may start with the body to make it easier to come up with an appropriate introduction.

    • Body. Your thoughts in the outline you made should become separate paragraphs. In these paragraphs, you should present arguments, explain your point of view about the subject of the essay, and support them with strong and appropriate examples.

    • Introduction. Your intro must draw attention, so it should be interesting or intriguing. Write something attractive at the beginning. It may be a rhetorical question or some quotation, for instance. Put your thesis at the end of this paragraph.

    • Conclusion. Summarize all your thoughts and present them in effective sentences. Try to validate your thesis with a summary of the arguments or explanations.

  9. Check.
  10. Review the order of your paragraphs to make sure that the most persuasive idea is the first one. Read the instructions and the essay properly to make sure that you’ve met the requirements. Check the logic of your writing, as all ideas should be clear and connected. Make any necessary corrections, in case you have grammar or spelling mistakes.

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