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4 Keys To Creating A Strong Argumentative Essay On Unemployment

An argumentative essay is the type of paper where you have to convince your audience of your ideas by providing supporting evidence in form of facts, logics and arguments. It is important that the stance you develop on any given subject is supported by strong evidence. The facts and data that you use in your paper should be from valid and authenticated sources. When you use reliable data from valid sources it is easy for your audience to rely on you. They find your paper worthy if it uses data from authenticated sources.

It is very important when writing an argumentative paper on unemployment to stay objective. If you are a student, you may not be aware of the direct consequences of unemployment but you may have felt or observed them in someone you know. If you or your family has suffered due to unemployment then you may not be able to stay objective about it. Even if you are using a personal experience or preference to develop your stance, you should find more from the same subject area to support and strengthen your stance

An argumentative paper is not about being right or wrong, it is about developing a stance that you can prove. You should be able to convince your audience that your stance was right. It is more like delivering a speech to an audience.

Here are four keys you should keep in mind while writing your argumentative paper about unemployment

  1. Develop your stance
  2. Take your stance on the paper. This may require you to search on the subject, carry out a literature review and understand the subject to find a potential niche in the subject. You should be clear about your stance as it will be the base of your paper

  3. Gather your evidence
  4. Collect your evidence for the major points or arguments that you will develop in your paper. The evidence should be valid, recent, authenticated and relevant. Create two or more supporting points for each of your major argument in the paper

  5. Have a persuasive tone
  6. Be careful with your tone as it should not be simply informative or too strong that it looks authoritative. You have to maintain a convincing tone in this paper

  7. Do not contradict yourself
  8. Never include data or state something that will contradict your main argument in the paper

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